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Rectifying transformer


Transformer & rectifier



For the power switch from high voltage AC to DC in electro-refining workshop and providing a stable current inside the electrolyte tank. 


The Switch-mode DC power supply is a solid state AC to DC power conversion system. The system functions by first rectifying the AC input to an unregulated DC voltage, this intermediate DC voltage is then switched using pulse width modulation through a full-bridge converter into a high frequency transformer. The output of the transformer is rectified and filtered to provide a precisely controlled high current DC output with <2% AC Vrms content. The high switching frequency enables smaller magnetics and filters, less ripple and higher efficiency and provides for a faster control loop.


Supply voltage: 400 VAC ± 10%, 50Hz, 3 Phases

Rated output voltage: 16 VDC

Rated output current: 15,000A

Number of power modules: 6

Output voltage regulation: +/-0.1% of full scale voltage from 10-100% of unit ratin 

Output current regulation: +/-0.1% of full scale current from 10-100% of unit rating

Control precision: Voltage/current < ± 1%

Output ripple: <2% AC RMS of full scale voltage & current from 10-100% of unit rating

Power factor: ≥ 0.93 @ rated load

Efficiency: Typically 0.9 @ rated output

Duty ratio: Designed for continuous operation at rated load up to 1000m altitude


Modular Design

Any combination of power modules up to 200 VDC or 20 000A can be supplied. The rectifiers consist of 1–10 power modules. Together with a control module, they form a complete power supply.



Easy access to modules for repair or replacement.


High Power Factor

Low reactive power consumption throughout the whole range.



Low ripple at all output currents.


Fault Diagnosis

The power supply features a fault diagnosing protection system to automatically shut down the unit in the unexpected event that an over-temperature or an IGBT fault condition exists. If a fault is detected, the microprocessor first verifies the fault and attempts to correct the condition. If the fault continues, the power supply will shut down.

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