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Lead anode casting machine


Automatic lead anode casting machine



For lead anode casting before electro-refining


Lead anode casting machine is mainly used in lead ingot production plant for lead electro-refining to produce 99.99% pure lead, the crude lead should be firstly casted into lead anode.

Firstly lead liquid is pumped to mould to be casted, and then cooled into a standard lead anode plate. Then the plates will be hung by automatic lifting system, and arranged by table devices. The lead anode casting machine can have 16 moulds, 18moulds and 20 moulds as the typical model or based on clients’ demands.

The whole system consists of quantitative pouring device, casting wheel device, plate dragging device, flat plate postposition device, plate layout and transfer device, hydraulic system, and electric control system.


Treatment capacity: 256 sheets per hour

Anode sheet effective surface: 660*860mm

Anode sheet effective weight: 100-140kg/sheet

Wheel diameter: 7800mm

Wheel rotate speed: 0.2r/min

Sheet layout effective length: 15m

Layout pitch: 95mm

Total power volume: 25kw

Wheel motor: 7.5kw

Lifting motor: 4kw

Oil pump station motor: 11kw

Water consumption: 15 ton/hour

Total weight: about 71 tons


It is for large-scale production of high purity lead with high casting efficiency and low metal loss. The system runs continuously with convenient operation. The quality of the anode produced is quite good.

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