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Lead Ingot Casting Machine


Full-automated type



For lead ingot casting and stacking


Lead ingot casting machine is a device to receive the refined lead and lead alloy from lead bullion through fire-refining. The machine is mainly used to cast lead liquid into mould, cool it for condensation of standard ingots, and stack the lead ingots one layer by one layer automatically. It can achieve full automatic control of the whole production process, so as to improve the production efficiency and save the labour cost, meanwhile the ingot quality is comparatively better.

The ingot casting machine integrates function of casting, automatic stacking and packing, etc. The casting system consists of quantitative pouring unit, chain conveyor, slagging-off, bottom water cooling, ingot turnover and packing parts.

Casting module of different size are offered for different ingot specification. The casting precision is less than 1kg. The ingot is conveyed by chain for continuous and stable movement. The system works very stable without shaking and thus avoid ripple on the ingot surface.

With consideration to the customer preference and actual environment, the lead liquid is discharged through pump transfer or underflow method. Metalcess can also provide the portable casting machine.

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SM Industry provide client with two type ingot casting machine according to the project and client detailed requirement.

1. Mechanical ingot casting machine, this is provided for the ease of operation and high-grade safety to the operators.

2. Manual ingot casting machine, generally manual casting machine is provided with smaller alloy refining kettles.

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  1. We use precision CNC to manufacture 45# steel chain and sprocket wheel, which benefits for smooth running without shaking.
  2. Full automatic operation, only 3 operators required.
  3. High precision in mould casting to ensure mould surface smooth.
  4. Casting system is equipped with buffer tank and lead liquid distributor to ensure that the molten lead is uniformly poured into every piece of ingot mould.
  5. The automatic stacking device is independent, that is optional to users.

30,000tpa Used Battery recycling lead ingot production line

Project location: Algeria

Equipment: Lead refining and ingot casting line

Input: 30,000tpa Lead batteries

Output: 10-12tph high purity Lead ingot

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