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Waste lead-acid battery recycling project

EPC project profile

Waste lead-acid batteries are high-waste materials and contain large amounts of lead. Currently, lead scrap recycling which accounts for 70% of the lead in the world is an important source of lead metal.<br />
The waste lead-acid batteries are broken into 100mm pieces by a hammer crusher, and then washed on the vibrating screen. The lead slime was washed into a storage tank, other scraps enter the hydraulic separator, and sorting was performed by different proportions. Then we can get PP plastics (salable) and lead metal.<br />
After the lead slime is dried, it can be introduced into the smelting furnace to produce crude lead. The lead grid can be refined in a lead kettle to produce lead alloy.

EPC contract range:Automatic lead-acid battery disassembly and recovery equipment.


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