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Copper fire-refining

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The copper content of blister copper is generally 95~98%, so the purpose of the fire-refining is to remove the sulfur and some other harmful impurities from the blister copper, produce a copper anode that can meet the requirement of electrolytic refining process and leave the precious metals in the copper anode.<br />
If there are fewer precious metals, the resulting fine copper can be used in less demanding situations.<br />
If there are more precious metals, cast the refined blister copper into anode plates for electrolysis.<br />
The fire-refining process mainly includes the two stages of oxidation and reduction. The purity of copper can be increased to over 99%.<br />
According to the type and content of impurities, relevant auxiliary materials are added to remove impurities.

EPC contract range:Tilting-type reverberatory furnace, Rotary furnace, Holding furnace, Anode plate casting machine


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