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EPC Service

EPC Service
Site survey Engineering design Process&Quality control Installation and debugging Improving& Upgrading
  • Site Survey

    For the confirmation of the upcoming project, our company will assign relevant professional engineers and technicians to carry out preliminary exploration of the project. The work includes: identification, analysis and evaluation of the geological and environmental characteristics of the construction site, geotechnical conditions, collection of basic data of climate, water, electricity and gas, sampling and analysis of materials to be processed, and finally the feasibility report or technical solutions for the project.

  • Engineering Design

    Our experts and engineers have been engaged in the metallurgical industry for a long time and can provide customers with perfect, high-level, reliable and environmentally friendly one-stop engineering design of the whole process service based on customer'siteconditions and needs. 

  • Process & Quality Control

    Reference to China related standards and regulations metallurgical products, we take strict control of product quality so as to provide customers with the best quality equipment and spare parts. 

  • Installation and debugging

    Since we can provide a sound on-site installation and commissioning guidance for the customer's project or equipment to maintain the normal operation. Engineers need to be sent abroad separately according to the project situation. Including: construction site rectification recommendations, equipment installation process guidance, commissioning process supervision, equipment or product operation and maintenance guidance and training, on-site technical Q&A.

  • Improving& Upgrading

    Depending on the project and equipment, customers can be paid or unpaid on-site after-sales service, and provided with warranty period due to product quality problems caused by the limited replacement service.



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About US

About us
  • About us

    SM International Industrial Co., Ltd (SM Industry)located in Changsha, Hunan, China, Below are our two main parts business scope, and we have three production bases.

    Part one

    Located in the hometown of nonferrous metals in China, We mainly work to integrate the working process for flexible solution tailored for small and medium project capacity for Copper and Lead.


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Contact us

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